Mold Damage Remediation in New Orleans, Louisiana


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Mold spores are present in nearly every room. These spores are microscopic in nature and can get into your property in many different ways. From an open door to the clothes you’re wearing, these spores are present everywhere. The average room contains around 200-700 mold spores. While these spores are generally harmless at this stage, problems can arise if levels become elevated. Mold colonies are a much more serious concern and they can begin forming in as little as 24-72 hours. These colonies latch onto organic materials and begin eating the material, causing deterioration of the item. Mold colonies can quickly spread and cause a single room problem to grow into a multi-room outbreak. 

Mold colonies grow and spread fast, reacting quickly is always recommended. United Water Restoration Group of New Orleans can assist you with extensive or minor outbreaks of mold. Our technicians are certified and trained in handling mold remediation in New Orleans. The mold remediation process in New Orleans begins with an assessment of the property. This assessment is in-depth and allows us to gain a better understanding of your situation as well as craft a plan to address the problem. We aren’t only seeking to remove mold from your property. We want to assist in removal, sanitization, cleaning, and addressing the source of the issue. 

Through our mold remediation process in New Orleans, we quarantine affected rooms and begin drying out areas. Mold colonies require moisture to grow, removing the presence and filtering out spores can curb the spread of the outbreak. Our mold remediation services in New Orleans involve using industrial fans and quarantine measures through the first few steps. Once affected rooms are finished drying out, we can begin addressing the problem head-on. We do this by removing mold and then cleaning and sanitizing affected materials. 

During the final stage of our mold remediation process in New Orleans, our technicians will aim to neutralize any lingering odors associated with mold. We also provide antimicrobial treatments to help ensure no future outbreaks occur at your property as a result of this one. Are you seeking mold remediation in New Orleans, Louisiana? 

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"The technician was fantastic, very knowledgeable of the products and area of concern for clean up, gave recommendations and was very consistent with the water removals from the wall and floors, excellent company."
Veronica Nesbitt
UWRG Customer
"Very detailed. Friendly. Took time analyzing everything. Tera was exceptional. Paid attention to each detail. Exceeded expectations."
Joan Seidman
UWRG Customer